VM 1000C

VM-1000C = 1 amp at startup – then will level at 1/2 amp. (Use a 5 AMP circuit breaker.)

You will use pin# 19 (MFD1_RS232_TXD) ‘Transmit Output’ on the SBC-250 to pin# 11 ‘Data In’ on theJ1 (P1) harness of the VM1000C. Make sure the VM is grounded to the engine case. For the SBC-250pin# 2 (MFD1_RS232_COM)’Common Ground’ connect to the ground bus on the aircraft.
Multiple protocol changes have been created by Aerosance. We automatically support three (3) popularAerosance protocols. You will need to get your VM updated with these new protocols if your VM’s software version is less than number ‘740′. You can see your software version number in the ‘RPM’ field at startup. It is the third number that appears during this process. Or by using the Manual method per your Pilot’s Guideunder “User Setup” number 45.5. 

VM-1000C –  1.91″ deep(add 2″ for connectors) -5.59″ wide – 6.13″ high

1)      Power up the VM.

2)      After power up, insert the USB flash drive.
3)      You will see the number ‘74.0’ in the MP field, and ‘NEW’ in the Tach field.
4)      Now tap the #2 button and you will see ‘ALL’ in the Tach field. If you tap the #1 button you will go back to ‘NEW’.
5)      After making your choice between NEW and ALL, tap the #3 button to download. You will see a number value in the Tach field count up.
6)      When the VM is done downloading you will see the VM restart.
* Do not remove the USB flash media until the VM1000C restart is complete.(guages are displayed.)