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You need the Keyspan USB serial adapter – model# USA-19HS.  – You can purchase on by clicking on this link: Keyspan Adapter   You connect this to the 9-pin black PC downloading cable that came with you EDM. Be sure to load the drive on the CD that came with your Keyspan.

Keyspan is the only USB serial adapter we recommend with our PC cable, software, and equipmentDO NOT USE BELKIN; DYNEX; IO-GEAR, ETC. -THEY DO NOT WORK.

What are the pin assignments for the black PC Interface cable?

For the EDM-700/800/760:

The mating connector is a 9 pin D subminiature female. Pin#2 is signal and pin#5 is ground.

The connector is a 2.5 mm ID, 5.5 mm OD.The outer barrel is connected to pin #5 of the D connector (ground) and the inner barrel is connected to pin # 2 of the D connector (signal).

For the EDM-900/930:

DB 9 Connector:
Pin#2 -power
Pin#3- sig
Pin#5 -grnd.

Jack end:
Tip = power
Middle section= signal
Lower shaft = ground.



To Check for this FAST feature:

1. Go to pilot program mode (Hold both buttons to see PROGRAM).
2. Tap STEP until you see DUMP? N.
3. Hold both buttons until you see RECORD TIME 6.
4. Tap STEP until you see FAST? N. Tap LF to change N to Y.
5. Tap STEP until you see END Y. Tap STEP to exit.

**If you do not see FAST, then the EDM is set at 19,200. You’re OK.

The ‘green‘ light on USB Download Box does not come on.

The box does not ‘see’ the USB2 flash drive. The flash drive is possibly faulty. If you have another USB2 type drive, give this a try. The ‘green’ light should come in a few seconds.

**Make sure you also unplug the power of the Box and re-initialize power to it when ready to plug in the other drive.

DUMP NEW:  will transfer only data ‘newly’ recorded since you last downloaded.

DUMP ALL:  will transfer all the data that is in the EDM’s memory.

**In both cases, NO data is erased.

*[In older EDM software, it may have the SAVE? ‘N’ or ‘Y’ setting. Choosing ‘Y’ will reset to zero the percentage (%) of memory filled since the last flight. SAVE? N will not reset it to zero. NO DATA WILL BE ERASED. Only doing a factory ‘reset’ to the EDM will do that.

The EDM starts downloading, counting from 98 or so, then stops at around 95.  Locks up at 95 or whatever number. Will need to come in for repair and software upgrade.

Make sure you are using the latest Eztrends. Also make sure the correct COM number used by your cable is also used in the ‘Port Name’ field of Eztrends ‘COM Port Detection and Selection’ window.  Make sure the EDM itself is ‘counting down’.   Do not use Belkin, Dynex or IOGear USB serial adapter cables. If all is correct as above, then proceed by checking the download port and serial cable.

To check center pin on download jack:  Should have around a -7 to -9 volts. You can plug in the black PC serial cable and check this. Pin# 2 is signal and pin# 5 ground. Put paper clips in these two pins for your digital voltmeter. Now get the EDM to DUMP ALL and tap the Step button. You should see this neg voltage(-7 to -9) go toward the more positive side – even a positive number. It should fluctuate. This will show that the jack and PC serial cable are good. The issue now is with the USB adapter cable(if not one of the above mentioned) or the computer.

Do you have the latest EzTrends software? If not, please uninstall you ‘older’ version and download the latest release of Eztrends software. To download the latest software, go to:



  1. Attach the black PC serial data cable to Memory Box and the EDM. Also plug in the USB flash drive into the Memory Box.
  2. Plug the cigarette lighter adapter into you cigarette lighter for power. You should see a ‘red’ light appear in the first hole in the Memory Box and a ‘red’ light on the memory stick.
  3. With the power still on, after several seconds the green light in the second hole in the Memory Box will come on and the ‘red’ light on you memory stick will go out.
  4. Now you will have the ‘red’ and ‘green’ lights on in the Memory Box. The memory unit is now ready to take data.
  5. Turn on the EDM and then go to DUMP? N. Choose DUMP NEW or DUMP ALL.
  6. After you have made your choice, tap the ‘Step’ button on the EDM.  You will see the EDM counting down and the USB memory sticks ‘red’ light flickering. Also you will see the ‘green’ light on the Memory Box blinking.
  7. When the download is complete, you will see the ‘red’ light on the memory stick go out and the ‘green’ light on the Memory Box blinking rapidly and then just remain a steady ‘green’ light. Now wait 10 seconds after this and then turn off the Memory Box and unplug the PC serial cable and memory stick.
  8. Use Eztrends to view you flight data on your PC at home or office.

These instructions are for those who have the Internal USB download option in their EDM.

After the EDM has finished its Self Test and after tapping the ‘Step’ button to get past the “Fill? N” prompt (if a FF model) – insert the USB flash drive. Now the EDM will automatically go to PROGRAM and then to DUMP NEW after a few seconds. Tap the ‘LeanFind’ button to choose either ‘DUMP NEW’ or ‘DUMP ALL’. Now tap the ‘Step’ button to start the download. You should see the EDM counting down if your EDM’s memory is full and you choose DUMP ALL. After it has finished you will see “WAIT USB”. Wait 5 seconds or so until you see “DONE” on the EDM. This message will last about a second or two. When the word ‘DONE’ disappears and the EDM goes back to displaying normal temperature data, you can then pull out the flash drive. Use Eztrends (*) software on you home or office PC to plot you flight data.

* Go to: https://www.jpinstruments.com/technical-support/software-downloads/to download the latest Eztrends software. Be sure to stay on-line while you install it.

If you have had the USB download port installed on the EDM, make sure you are following the procedure below. Also make sure that the EDM and flash drive are operating as below:

Make sure no data is on the USB Flash Drive – start with a clean drive.  Also make sure the drive is fully inserted into the EDM’s USB port.

Now after the EDM has finished it’s Self Test and after tapping the ‘Step’ button to get past the “Fill? N” prompt(if a fuel flow model) – put in the USB flash drive. You should see the redlight come on the flash drive – blinking briefly. [This LED light on the USB2 drive is very small, and is located at the top of the blue plastic part of the drive.] Once the drive is fully inserted, the EDM will automatically go to PROGRAM and then to ‘DUMP NEW’ after a few seconds. Tap the LeanFind button to choose ‘DUMP ALL’.  Now tap the ‘Step’ button to start the download. You should see the EDM counting down and the USB drive LED flickering. After it has finished downloading, you will see “WAIT USB” on the EDM. The USB drive will blink once. After you see it blink, then wait 5 seconds or so until you see “DONE” on the EDM. This message will last about a second. Once that disappears and the EDM is showing temperatures, you can then pull out the flash drive.

** If you have another USB2 flash drive on hand you can try this also.

** Leave the round data port on the P1 connector(EDM-700/800) and P3 connector(EDM-760), and make sure it is not shorted or your download will fail.

Parallels – Yes.

Boot Camp — Yes this will work – start up in Windows mode.

How to use Hyper Terminal to capture data off the EDM and/or troubleshoot possible cable problems.

To do this:

  1. While the EDM-700/800/760 is off and the PC cable is plugged into you panel and laptop, click Start and then go to All Programs on your laptop.
  2. Now look for Accessories and then Communications. There you will find Hyper Terminal.
  3. Now click Hyper Terminal and you will see the smaller window: Connection Description. Type in some name and click OK.
  4. Now you will see the window: Connect To – and just choose the correct com your cable is hooked to under: Connect using:    and then click OK.
  5. Now you will see COM Properties – change the Bits per second: to 19,200. Leave all the rest alone on that page. Now click Apply and then OK.
  6. Now you will see the white Hyper Terminal screen. Up on the Tool bar you will see the option Transfer – click this and choose Capture Text. The Capture Text window will appear – click Browse and the Select Capture File window will appear – choose Desktop for Save in: up on top of that window and for File name: on the bottom, type in TEST and then click Save and then click the START button in the Capture Textwindow.
  7. You will now see the white Hyper Terminal screen with the cursor blinking. Hyper Terminal is now ready to receive data from the EDM
  8. NOW turn on your EDM and get to:  DUMP ALL and then reach over and tap the Stepbutton. You will now see the EDM count down and on the Hyper Terminal screen you should see  a lot of characters stream across. (If you do not, you have a cable problem-check cable for continuity)  When it is done you will see the cursor on the Hyper Terminal screen and then look on you desktop, you should see the file named Test.TXT on it.
  9. Now Exit Hyper Terminal and choose No for saving the connection.
  10. NOW focus in on that Test.TXT on you desktop. RIGHT click it and choose Renameand rename it Test.jpi. That .jpi extension is important for your EzTrends to read the data you have just collected. So after renaming it Test.jpi start up your EzTrends and choose the Plot a .JPI File button.
  11. Look for your file on the Desktop, and double click it. You should now see all the individual FLT#s. Now just double click on one of them and it should load and plot in Eztrends.

For the EDM-700/800 only:              (Not able to do with 760 – no RECRD feature. )

1) TURN ‘RECRD’ TO ‘N’ (For NO.)       * [see FAC LIM settings in Pilot’s Guide.]



Center Pin:   —————- 2.5mm (Center pin(sig) -5v to -7v)
Mating Plug O.D: ——— 5.5mm;
Thread size: ————— 08 x .75mm
Washer: ——————— .315″ I.D, .394″ O.D. ( Nickel plated steel )
Nut: ————————– .065″ I.D. .394 O.D. across the flats.
Max panel thickness: — 1-3mm;
Panel cutout:  ————– .330″

JPI now offers downloading to a USB memory stick. No more Laptops or outdated Palm Pilot’s.  No more software ‘glitches’.The USB Downloading Box, for downloading the EDM, will work with any JPI model 700, 800, 760 Twin, 900, or 930 regardless of manufacture date.  As long as your EDM has the data memory feature, you will be able to download your flight data to the USB Download Box. 
All you do is:
1) Plug into the Download Box the black PC interface cable that came with your EDM.
2) Now plug in your Download Box to your EDM downloading port, and then plug in it’s power adapter to the cigarette lighter.
3) Insert the USB Flash Drive into the Box. (This comes with the Download Box.)
4) Set the EDM to ‘Dump New’ or ‘Dump All’.
5) Tap the ‘Step’ button on the EDM to start downloading. That’s all!
For more information please call JPI Technical Support at: (800)345-4574

Go to:  https://www.jpinstruments.com/shop/jpi-usb-download-box/

For further information:


These ‘Instructions’ are in a .pdf formate so you can easily print this out. They will tell you all you need to know on how to download the EDM, plus give you important information on USB serial adapter cables that will work and not work with your EDM. It also contains helpful ‘troubleshooting’ tips you may need.

  • Remove and retry.  The stick may flash for up to 8 seconds before recognizing the drive.  If longer, remove and retry
  • Reformat the memory stick.  JPI supports FAT and FAT32 formatted USB Memory devices only.
    • Insert the memory stick into a PC
    • If necessary, back up your memory stick by dragging files to your desktop or other location
    • Right click on the drive and select FORMAT.  IMPORTANT.  Be sure to select the correct device.  Selecting C: or other hard disks
    • Select FAT or FAT32 (recommended).  NTSF and exFAT will not work.
    • Select Start to format
    • When formatting completes, remove your memory stick from the PC and reinsert it.
    • Restore any saved files from your desktop to the memory stick
    • Retry in the EDM.  The device should be recognized within 10 seconds.