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Software Downloads

Get into the habit of making a regular download of your EDM. Please follow the links below (scroll entire page) to download software and firmware from JP Instruments.  Remember to disable firewall software, like Norton, if your receive any download error messages.

EZ Trends
Windows version of EZTrends Plotting Software.
This utility program will transfer compressed data from your EDM to your PC and decompress the data. It will plot the data on the screen and print the graph and allows great flexibility in how you display your data.
VisionConfig – Configuration utility for VM 1000C
This program assists in configuring the Vision Microsystems VM 1000C. All the user parameters can be modified using VisionConfig in a user-friendly way from your PC. Please connect internet during the installation.
EZ save
EzSave – Download flight data from EDMs
This software downloads flight data from EDMs and saves the flights as CSV files in your PC.Please connect internet during the installation.
Flight Simulator
EDM-930 Flight Simulator – EDM-930 Demo
Get a look at how the EDM930 displays gauges during flight in our interactive demonstration. Requires a PC running Windows 98 SE or later.