EDM 800
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EDM 800

The Engine Data Management 800 system is the most advanced and accurate piston engine-monitoring instrument on the market. Using the latest microprocessor technology, the EDM will monitor up to twenty-four critical parameters in your engine, four times a second. Learn more about the EDM 800 below:

Think of the EDM 800 as your personal flight engineer. It’s always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft. The EDM 800 adds fuel flow and a host of additional features to the legendary EDM 700. Leaning is accomplished quickly and automatically using the LeanFind™ procedure. With the EDM it is now possible to have substantially more diagnostic information available to you in a timely and usable manner.

View the EDM 700/800 Training videos

The EDM 800 records, ALL 29 functions, every 6 Seconds, for up to 25hrs., or every minute for 550 hrs., including fuel used. Data downloads to any computer. USB port optional.

Percent of Horse Power, This is not a for-show calculation. It is an accurate calculation using OAT, RPM, MAP and Fuel Flow, accurate for LOP Complete fuel flow system. Not like brand-x that only displays GPH and you have to buy a second instrument to see the rest. True data recording that works. Record rate adjustable from every 2 to 255 seconds. ROP and LOP Mode. The only true LOP where you see each cylinder as it goes over lean. TSO Quality. Brand-x offers a 1 year warranty and a 3 yr. extended warranty at a cost of $129. JPI offers everything Brand-x offers FREE. EZTrends JPI Charting software is Free. Brand-x offers download software free. Well how do you Chart the data? You pay $125 for Charting software. RPM,  Manifold pressure with sensor,  Outside Air Temp. with probe. The EDM-800 or 700 can be a Primary Replacement for CHT, OIL temperature and Turbine Inlet Temperature at which time the model is changed to EDM-711.

  • PROBE RESPONSE: JPI’s probes are so sensitive that they respond to every temperature change. JPI’s fine tip, high response, grounded EGT probes are made of a space age metal. Hastaloy-X is a superior metal to stainless steel probes. Massive ungrounded probes can not respond to fast temperature changes like leaning an engine.
  • EDM’s are the only bargraph instruments that have met the harsh environmental standards of FAA,TSO. All of JPI’s EDM’s are TSO’d for Quality, with a three year warranty.
  • All EDM kits are complete.

The EDM 800 displays temperature digitally and in analog format. The EGT as displayed is based on probes located near the exhaust outlet for each cylinder and the TIT probe, if installed, is adjacent to the turbo charger.

EDM 800 Product Features
 (some functions may be optional**)

Hands-free, automatic scanning (711: primary only)
All programming done from the Front Panel
LeanFind™ finds the first and last cylinder to peak with true peak detect —eliminates a false peaks
Displays both leaned temperature below peak and peak
Battery voltage with alarm
24 Programmable alarm limits
Normalize view
DIF low to high EGT with alarm
EGTs to stable 1°F resolution
Shock cooling monitored on every cylinder
User selectable index rate
Fast response probes
Non-volatile long term memory
Records and stores data up to 30 hours
Post-flight data retrieval
Download to Palm™ Computer
Data retrieval software

FAA Approved as primary temperature instruments for CHT, OIL, TIT
Oil temperature **
Turbine inlet temperature**
Outside air temperature**
Compressor discharge temperature**
Carburetor temperature**
Fuel Flow
Solid-state rotor fuel flow transducer
Fuel quantity in gallons, kilograms, liters, or pounds
Low fuel quantity alarm
Low fuel time alarm
GPS interface
Instantaneous fuel flow rate
Total amount of fuel consumed
Total fuel remaining
Time to empty at the current fuel flow rate

EGT 4 or 6 probes
CHT 4 or 6 probes
Shock cooling
LOP/ROP JPI Exclusive Leaning Mode
Fuel Flow (USED, Remaining, GPH
Endurance, GPS destination)
%HP (Requires: OAT, RPM, MAP, & FF )
All required Harness


Serial Data recording
3 year Warrant
Optional functions:
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature
CARB Temperature
Download box with Memory stick
USB built-in with Memory stick

The EDM 800 automatically accommodates both 14 and 28 volt electrical systems.

TSO C43b, Temperature Indicator EGT-701 14.5 oz ./ 0.9 lbs
EGT probe MM-111 2.0 oz. each / 0.125 lbs
CHT probe 5050 1.5 oz. each / 0.094 lbs
Wire P.N. WK.-24 Harness 8 ft. 14.0 oz. each / 0.88 lbs
RPM and MAP 1.5 oz each / .094 lbs

There are no field adjustments and or calibration requirements for the EDM 800 series instrument after initial installation. ICA is not required. Maintenance of nonfunctioning or malfunctioning components is limited to removal and replacement of JPI factory supplied new or repaired components as described in the troubleshooting section of the installation instructions.

Fuel Flow:

• Resolution to 0.1 all functions
• Fuel flow Gals, Liters, Lbs, Kg.
• Fuel Used to 0.1 gal.
• Auxiliary tanks included.
• Endurance in Hrs..Min.
• GPS works with hand held.
• Response 3 seconds.
• K factor set from front panel.
• K factor 10,000 to 100,000
• Low fuel alarm w/remote
• Low time alarm w/remote
• Max fuel flow 140 GPH (k=85) to 410 (K=29).


2 reviews for EDM 800

  1. sales@jpitech.com


    From Piper Owners Soceity

    Re: JPI vs EI

    I had chosen it firstly based on the opinions of those that I know personally that operate piston engine planes in commercial service and it was not till I had actually received the unit that I did some more research following some of the postings that I read on this site.

    What I found seemed to confirm that I had chosen the best of the two well known ones available. A few of the things that seem to support this are:

    The JPI is TSO’d whereas the EI is not.

    The JPI gives much faster response making it easier to get accurate settings.

    The JPI provides for much easier and more complete data retrieval and graphing.

    The JPI has a much longer warrantee.

    It is easier to use with the use of push buttons rather than switches, particularly important in the turbulent air we often encounter here near the mountains.

    It monitors all cylinders for shock cooling rather than just one.

    It has a self dimming display.

    And last but not least, it was recommended in Aviation Consumer who seem to give brutally honest reports.

    Like I said, I might have chosen the wrong one but not from what I have found so far. The one thing that I wondered about was what would the after sales service be like and I had that answered last week, it is excellent.

  2. sales@jpitech.com
    5 out of 5


    I decided to trade in my UBG-16 simply because i don’t trust it. Last summer I completed the installation of an overhauled engine in my Bonanza and installed the EI UBG-16. On the first few flights i stayed below leaning altitude and everything was working fine. Later I took my wife on a longer cross country flight and this was the first time i went to an altitude where I would be able to try the lean find feature. While leaning I watched the temperature bars and digital EGT readout, noticing the temps all rising and some starting to fall but I didn’t get any “peak found” alert. I kept leaning still no peak alert, then finally the engine started to cough and I richend it up. I did this a couple more time each time never getting a peak find indication and each time leaning until the engine started to cough. I read though the manual and checked the procedure i was using; it looked like i was doing it right. So on with the test flight, same results. I called EI to talk about it thinking i must have a faulty unit, but EI told me this was normal?!?! The went on to tell me that the proper leaning procedure with the UBG-16 should take 5-10 minutes. Pull out on the mixture, wait a couple minutes and repeat until you get a peak indication. I thought that all sounded fishy but went ahead and did a couple more test flights. They were right, it took about 5-10 minutes pulling out a little at the time and I finally get a peak reading. I don’t know where EI gets off telling people they have fast response probes, maybe that’s where the catch phrase “fastest ungrounded probes” comes to play. After installing my EDM 800 I realize how peak find – is and should be working. The EDM 800 does everything it was advertised to do. Now thinking back on on the EI’s UBG-16, I can’t say if it was their probes that were being really slow or if they have faulty programming in identifying the peak. Either way i am really satisfied with my new EDM 800 and I couldn’t ask for more.

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EDM 800

EDM 800 225x220
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The Engine Data Management 800 system is the most advanced and accurate piston engine-monitoring instrument on the market. Using the latest microprocessor technology, the EDM will monitor up to twenty-four critical parameters in your engine, four times a second. Learn more about the EDM 800 below:

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