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Fuel Used Reminder Feature

Fuel Used Reminder Feature


In order to assist the pilot with fuel tank management, EDM730/830 and EDM740 units now have the ability to display a reminder when a preset amount of fuel has been burned during this flight. For example: if the EDM “Gallons Used Reminder” is set to 10, when 10 gallons of fuel have been burned since startup, you will see a reminder message on the EDM like “REMINDER: 10 GAL BURNED.” The reminder message will be displayed for five seconds and cleared, or can be cleared immediately by tapping the STEP key.
Configuring Fuel Used Reminders


When shipped from the factory, your J.P. Instruments EDM will be set with Fuel Used Reminders disabled.

To enable Fuel Used Reminders:

  • With the engine off, enter Pilot Program Mode by holding STEP and LF for 2 seconds.
  • Tap NEXT repeatedly until END? is displayed.
  • Tap the FACTORY button, or hold STEP and LF for 2 seconds.
  • Tap NEXT until GALLONS USED REMINDER=0 is displayed.
  • Tap or hold the CHANGE key to modify the number of gallons to be burned before the reminder.
  • When the value is properly set, tap STEP to save changes.
  • When REMINDER TIMEOUT=5 is displayed, you can tap or hold the CHANGE button to change the number of seconds that the reminder is displayed before being automatically dismissed.
  • Tap NEXT until END? is displayed.
  • Tap YES to restart the EDM.