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Primary Instrument Alarms

How do I enable Pre-Alarm messages?

Pre-Alarm Messages in EDM900, EDM930 & EDM960 Instruments

J.P. Instruments primary EDMs now support pilot configurable pre-alarm messages.  As a specified input channel approaches an alarm limitation, an early warning message will be displayed.  Pre-alarm messages appear in the same format at EDM alarm messages, except that pre-alarm messages are displayed in yellow text, while alarm messages are displayed in red text.
Pre-alarm messages are OFF by default and can be configured individually for each of the channels listed below.  Pre-alarm limits can be set for each of the following channels:
  • High EGT
  • High TIT
  • High CHT
  • High OIL-TEMP
  • Low OIL-TEMP
  • High MAP
  • Low Fuel Tank Level
Configuring Pre-Alarm Messages
When shipped from the factory, your J.P. Instruments EDM will be set with Pre-Alarm Messages disabled.To enable Pre-Alarm Messages:
  • With the engine off, enter Pilot Program Mode by holding STEP and LF for 2 seconds.
  • Tap NEXT repeatedly until END? is displayed.
  • Tap the FACTORY button, or hold STEP and LF for 2 seconds.
  • Tap NEXT until CHANGE PRE-ALARMS is displayed
  • Tap the YES key.
  • The EDM will display ENABLE PRE-ALARM MSGS
  • Tap the YES key.
  • Next adjust each of the channels listed to the desired pre-alarm message trigger point.
  • Note: If your aircraft already had primary warnings specified by the manufacturer, you may not have user settings for all the channels listed above.
  • Tap NEXT until END? is displayed.
  • Tap YES to restart the EDM.
 Pre-Alarm Message customization is available in EDM930/960 version 1.20.479 and later and EDM900 version 1.30.1000 and later.