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Harness and Connectors

Installer must use an installer provided Cannon connector or bulkhead boot. J. P. Instruments does not provide any parts for going through the bulkhead. Use standard practices, approvals not required.

Yes. JPI uses a high input impedance system that is insensitive to wire length or resistance. If you add wire, be sure it is the same thermocouple wire(type K) and use zinc chloride solder such as “Nokorode” brand. Good quality copper ‘butt splices’ preferred.

AMP 91067-2. You can purchase from JPI. Call 800-345-4574

Engine ground only – the same ground that the EGT probes are using – which is engine ground. Have them attach the ‘black’ ground wire off the P1 connector directly to the engine case. NOT panel ground, battery ground or airframe ground. These can vary from engine ground by 1/4v. This small voltage is can cause issues such as all EGT or CHT readings seem High or Low, or Unsteady.

JPI uses K-type thermocouple wire. ANSI* color code of Red and Yellow in a Yellow jacket:
‘Red’ (-) (Nickel-Aluminum or just “Alumel”)
‘Yellow’ (+) (Nickel-Chromium or just “Chromel”).

GEM/INSIGHT uses J-type –ANSI* color code of White and Red in a Black jacket: ‘White’ -Iron –positive (+) magnetic
‘Red’ – Copper-Nickel – negative (-) “Constantan” –non-magnetic.

*[American National Standards Institute]

Gold 22 gauge Female- [ **Crimp tool recommendation: AMP p/n 48518 ]

Call JPI’s Sales Department for pricing at: 800-345-4574