JPI is doing it’s best to get instruments out but may have to shutdown again. So do NOT send your instrument back to JPI. Our RMA is down due to the Corona Virus. Sales staff are being tested. Phone system has long waits. Thank you 7-1-20

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Can I add a serial port and memory to my older EDM-700?

Yes, PROM and Serial port upgrade is $165.00.  Can also do a ‘USB Integrated’ cable install instead. This will be a special internal board and 20″ black cable hardwired into the EDM with a USB port on the end. You will mount this port to the panel. It also comes with a 128 meg flash drive. Cost starts at $299 depending on age of unit. The software and memory is automatically upgraded with this install and included in this price. Please call the Sales Department at: 800-345-4574

Fuel Flow upgrade

The EDM-700 or 760 will need to be returned to the factory for the FF upgrade.

We will need to know:

#1) ‘Make’ and ‘Model’ of the aircraft.

#2) Engine make and size.

#3) If not fuel injected, does the aircraft have an ‘engine driven’ fuel pump? 

#4) If carburated, is it a ‘Pressure’ carb setup?

Call the Sales Department for pricing at 800-345-4574.

Is there a 3 1/8 bezel for the EDM-700/800?

Yes. Can upgrade their EDM 21/4″  to 31/8″ Larger display for $368.00. The EDM-700/800 will need to come in for this upgrade. Please call Technical Support at 800-345-4574 for a RMA number before shipping to the factory.

Can a USB port be installed into the EDM-700/800?

Yes. This can be installed into your EDM-700 or 800. You will need to pull your EDM and send in the instrument to JPI for a USB download cable install. You will notice after this install, a 20″ long black cable coming out the back end of the EDM with a USB port. You can install this port on the inside of your panel and cut a slot for inserting the USB thumb drive(included), or let it hang down within reach. The cost of this upgrade is $299 depending on age of unit.
If you would like to do this, please call us at: 800-345-4574 for a RMA number and shipping instructions.