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Can I add a serial port and memory to my older EDM-700?

Yes, PROM and Serial port upgrade is $165.00.  Can also do a ‘USB Integrated’ cable install instead. This will be a special internal board and 20″ black cable hardwired into the EDM with a USB port on the end. You will mount this port to the panel. It also comes with a 128 meg flash drive. Cost starts at $299 depending on age of unit. The software and memory is automatically upgraded with this install and included in this price. Please call the Sales Department at: 800-345-4574

Fuel Flow upgrade

The EDM-700 or 760 will need to be returned to the factory for the FF upgrade.

We will need to know:

#1) ‘Make’ and ‘Model’ of the aircraft.

#2) Engine make and size.

#3) If not fuel injected, does the aircraft have an ‘engine driven’ fuel pump? 

#4) If carburated, is it a ‘Pressure’ carb setup?

Call the Sales Department for pricing at 800-345-4574.

Is there a 3 1/8 bezel for the EDM-700/800?

Yes. Can upgrade their EDM 21/4″  to 31/8″ Larger display for $368.00. The EDM-700/800 will need to come in for this upgrade. Please call Technical Support at 800-345-4574 for a RMA number before shipping to the factory.

Can a USB port be installed into the EDM-700/800?

Yes. This can be installed into your EDM-700 or 800. You will need to pull your EDM and send in the instrument to JPI for a USB download cable install. You will notice after this install, a 20″ long black cable coming out the back end of the EDM with a USB port. You can install this port on the inside of your panel and cut a slot for inserting the USB thumb drive(included), or let it hang down within reach. The cost of this upgrade is $299 depending on age of unit.
If you would like to do this, please call us at: 800-345-4574 for a RMA number and shipping instructions.