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Classic Scanner

How to determine if the the Classic Scanner 100 needs a grounded or ungrounded probe?

Disconnect the probe from the instrument and measure the resistance between the probe body and the red wire. Also measure between probe body and yellow wire. ‘Ungrounded‘ probes will show ‘open‘ circuit. ‘Grounded‘ will show around 1 + ohms.
Scanner units built after 1986 are grounded.
SN’s less than 1400 are ungrounded.

How to add probes to the Classic Scanner 100 series?

There is a screw adjustment hole on the bottom of the instrument. Will need a small screw driver to fit into this hole. It is a 10-position switch. Set the unit to the highest numbered probe and turn the screw adjustment until the front panel shows the number of the highest desired probe. Switch can be turned through 360° without damage.

How is the terminal block adapter for the ‘old’ Classic Scanner wired?

Top row EGT. Bottom row CHT
6      5      4      3      2      1

Can you use the new JPI ‘braided’ thermo wire with the older scanner, with set screw connectors?

Yes you can. The ‘older’ Classic Scanner used ‘solid’ thermocouple wire with its set screw type connectors, but you can use the new JPI ‘braided’ thermo wire too. Just call the Sales Department at JPI for the price per foot. 800-345-4574.