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I was headed back to the Pacific Northwest in my 89′Mooney 201 from southern Florida. Shortly after takeoff the EDM 700 was showing the EGT on cylinder #1 was running 240′ hotter than the lowest EGT reading of the other 3 cylinders.#1 CHT was slightly south of 385′. I watched [&hellip

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I have a lot of experience in a half dozen airplanes with the EDM 700 series gauges.  In any case, the 700 series can be equipped with a fuel flow transducer, and this combination is just a great addition to any airplane. If you need primary information, then I’d opt [&hellip

GlaStar - N954BR

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As a proud owner of one of your EDM 900 units, I find it mandatory to write you to tell you of my experience with your Technical Support crew. In particular, I worked with Donald (initially) and finally with Dennis. At first I had a problem with my fuel tank [&hellip

Jim Von Zabern, Boeing Commercial Aviation

Review Submitted: February 15, 2012

This is the 5th indicator of yours I’ve installed…you guys have great  products … I really like that EGT 701 unit! Thanks for your support.  Jim Von Zabern  | Boeing Commercial Aviation

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Review Submitted: January 1, 2012

I recently purchased a JPI EDM-Twin (EDM 760) for my P-Baron that i juts purchased. I was at 21,000 feet and cruising between Denver and Cleveland when I noticed that the CHT on the # 4 right engine was climbing to a dangerous level. I tried several thins but was [&hellip