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January 1, 2012 by Many Reviews
I recently purchased a JPI EDM-Twin (EDM 760) for my P-Baron that i juts purchased. I was at 21,000 feet and cruising between Denver and Cleveland when I noticed that the CHT on the # 4 right engine was climbing to a dangerous level. I tried several thins but was unable to confirm what was wrong. I throttled the engine back and made a provisional landing in Omaha. Inspection revealed a crack in the cylinder that was 3/4 around the entire jug. If i had not had the JPI i probably would have had a catastrophic engine failure. The cylinder was changed and no other damage was noted. It appears the JPI has already paid for itself in the first several months.
I chose the EDM 700 over the UBG-16 for the simple reason that the instrument has all the features I desire. I find that the faster probe response combined with the “overlean” graph capabilities make the EDM 700 simply better! Getting free software with an actually functioning data recording option is just the icing on the cake.
I tried the UBG-16 but found that it does not offer real data recording functionality, does not display fuel flow information (only GPH) and I had recurring problems with jumpy EGT readings. I have had situations where the one EGT bar jumps up and down, plus or minus 20 degrees making it impossible to find peak EGT. After purchasing my new EDM 800 I have had no problems. You guys make a great product!
I decided to trade in my UBG-16 for the more advanced EDM 700 4C as the data recording capability and overall unit would better suit my aircraft. This will be a great help in my Lancair 360 mk2 to be fitting a higher quality unit in my Lancair. To some things up Dollar for Dollar  JPI has the aircraft market covered!
I decided to trade in my UBG-16 because I haven’t been able to get the MUX8A data recorder to download engine data to my laptop. I installed the UBG-16 in July 2004 in my A36 Bonanza and despite my many attempts with support technicians at EI, I have been unable to get this key feature to function properly. The EDM 700 is the industry standard.
I decided to trade in my UBG-16 simply because i don’t trust it. Last summer I completed the installation of an overhauled engine in my Bonanza  and installed the EI UBG-16. On the first few flights i stayed below leaning altitude and everything was working fine. Later I took my wife on a longer cross country flight and this was the first time i went to an altitude where I would be able to try the lean find feature. While leaning I watched the temperature bars and digital EGT readout, noticing the temps all rising and some starting to fall but I didn’t get any “peak found” alert. I kept leaning still no peak alert, then finally the engine started to cough and I richend it up. I did this a couple more time each time never getting a peak find indication and each time leaning until the engine started to cough. I read though the manual and checked the procedure i was using; it looked like i was doing it right. So on with the test flight, same results. I called EI to talk about it thinking i must have a faulty unit, but EI told me this was normal?!?! The went on to tell me that the proper leaning procedure with the UBG-16 should take 5-10 minutes. Pull out on the mixture, wait a couple minutes and repeat until you get a peak indication. I thought that all sounded fishy but went ahead and did a couple more test flights. They were right, it took about 5-10 minutes pulling out a little at the time and I finally get a peak reading. I don’t know where EI gets off telling people they have fast response probes, maybe that’s where the catch phrase “fastest ungrounded probes” comes to play. After installing my EDM 800 I realize how peak find – is and should be working. The EDM 800 does everything it was advertised to do. Now thinking back on on the EI’s UBG-16, I can’t say if it was their probes that were being really slow or if they have faulty programming in identifying the peak.  Either way i am really satisfied with my new EDM 800 and I couldn’t ask for more.
I traded in my UBG-16 for the EDM 700 because the UBG-16 does not offer data recording functionality for my  fuel flow information (maybe because the UBG-16 only displays GPH, I find this misleading on EI’s part). I also have had recurring problems with jumpy EGT readings on my UBG-16. That’s when i decided to do it right and go with JPI.
My FS 450 is so useful in my Cessna 152 that I have been a huge promoter of your product. I wish all Cessna’s would come factory equipped with your gages. Great instrument!
The purpose of this note is to thank you for your business ethics, something that is so often missing in business today.  Thank you.
Thank you for the prompt and courteous service I received from you and your staff!
When I described my #5 CHT problem to you you immediately mailed me out a new probe without any hesitation. What great Customer Support!
“I have always flown with and eagerly supported J.P. Instruments as I feel that not only do you folks have the very best instruments, but also provide the very best in customer support.  Your products are the very best out there and I truly believe that every aircraft should be equipped with JPI products.”
 “Your customer service is great!  I’ve recommended your products to several pilots because of your customer service.”
“Just finished installing your J.P. Instruments in my late model Cessna 182S.  Cessna’s stock EGT is located below the collection of the three exhaust pipes on the left side.  I like to keep under 1400°F EGT temps.  I found out in short that using the Cessna EGT to peak and enrichen the mixture 50° will allow temps significantly higher than 1400°.  A good reason for your prospects to buy one of your analyzers; they can know for sure what is going on in their engines.  I’m glad that I did!  My second analyzer from J.P. Instruments… I’m very pleased!”
“This is my third J.P. Instruments, FS-450 that I have installed in aircraft I have owned.  I will not own an aircraft without one.  It’s much more accurate than mechanical gauges.”
“With the support I’ve received to date, I have no worries if warranty issues should come up.”
“Just wanted to let the technical support staff know that they are a pleasure to deal with both before and after the sale. While customer service has been lost with many companies JPI sets the standard for the aviation business. You guys make the customer want to do business with J.P. Instruments”