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OAT Probe


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The Outside Air Temperature (OAT) probe has an outside aluminum shield which is used to both hold the probe in place and shield it from radiated heat. When installing the OAT probe, shield the sensor from direct sunlight and engine heat. The OAT probe is installed in the airframe manufactures recommended location, if this information is not available, we recommend installing the probe in clean airflow such as in a cabin air scoop or below the underside of the wing away from engine heat or exhaust heat.

  • 1 Thermocouple Type K OAT Probe
  • 1-10 Ft. Option Wire

• Install the OAT probe in the airframe manufacturer’s recommended location. If this information is not available, place out on the underside of the wing. Make sure probe is away from engine heat or exhaust. In this case it is recommended that the installation be done similar to the antenna installation instructions of AC 43.13-2A “Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices.” ** DO NOT USE COPPER WIRE.**

EDM-700/800 Pin assignments:
yel 1, red 2, OIL
yel 3, red 4, IND
yel 5, red 6, CARB (or CDT)
yel 14, red 15, OAT
yel 16, red 17, TIT
yel 18, red 19, TIT-2 (2nd TIT)
gry 12, Remote alarm (Sinks to ground)
red 13, + Power
wht 24 , RS-232 data port
blk 25, Engine ground. ** ( Pin # 11 not used.)

EDM-760 Pin assignments:
yel 1, red 2, Left TIT
yel 3, red 4, Left OIL or TIT2
yel 5, red 6, OAT
yel 9, red 10, Right TIT
yel 11, red 12, Right OIL or TIT2
gray 7, , Remote alarm ( sinks to ground)
red 8, , + Power
wht 13 , , RS-232 data port
blk 15, , Engine ground ****(pin#14 NOT USED )


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