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JPI Owner Tips Video & LOP example

Posted: February 07, 2020 by Craig Peyton
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View a quick refresher on a few handy JPI features..


  1. Dave Hurley says:

    I have your 930 in my 1974 Bonanza V-35B TC N82HC SER.# D-9584.
    The engine is a TSIO-520DB7B serial 1035538 (Factory STC in 1984 applies the new engine)
    I want to Make sure that the my 930 was properly programmed for this engine
    rather than the the original IO-520 implied by the serial number of the airplane.
    When I take off at 32.5” of MP the 930 flashes “Manifold” and the repeater on the panel goes“ Back”

    Do you need to re program all or just MP limits?