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JPI Owner Tips Video & LOP example

February 07, 2020 by Craig Peyton

View a quick refresher on a few handy JPI features..


I have your 930 in my 1974 Bonanza V-35B TC N82HC SER.# D-9584.
The engine is a TSIO-520DB7B serial 1035538 (Factory STC in 1984 applies the new engine)
I want to Make sure that the my 930 was properly programmed for this engine
rather than the the original IO-520 implied by the serial number of the airplane.
When I take off at 32.5” of MP the 930 flashes “Manifold” and the repeater on the panel goes“ Back”

Do you need to re program all or just MP limits?

Dave Hurley
02/16/20 @ 5:09 pm

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