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Save 1.5 GPH Using Lean of Peak (LOP) X-Country

June 20, 2018 by Craig Peyton

In flight ‘real world’ video, featuring LOP tips using the EDM900 Primary monitor on a long cross-country.

This video is advisory only, showing  JPI EDM’s in action.


Hello Sir,
I have an EDM-700-9C s/n 39472 with FF option, Carburetor temperature, OAT, CHT, EGT.
It show “IAT” instead of “CRB”.
My engine is a R-680 9 cylinder radial so, according the EDM installation manual, the CRB probe is connected to the pins 3 and 4 instead of pins 5 and 6 used for the CHT 6 probe.
How can I get the “CRB” message instead of “IAT”? Is the temperature value the same?
Thank you for your kind cooperation
Best regards
Giovanni Carugno – Italy

Giovanni Carugno
10/26/19 @ 5:50 pm

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