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Praise for the EDM-730

Posted: November 19, 2013 by Craig Peyton
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Dear JPI Folks:

I replaced my EDM-700 this weekend with the EDM-730.  I had inherited the unit from a previous owner and although it worked just fine, I was intrigued by the larger color 730 version upgrade (actually, I couldn’t resist).  The install was uneventful and – as you said it would be (even though I failed to read your VERY CLEAR description about its standard instrument size for the EDM-730 verses the smaller sized EDM-700).  Mechanic signed off and was impressed that a lawyer with two left feet didn’t mess it up!

I am amazed at the clarity and ease of visual reference now that the display has room for all probes, and stats at a glance, if you so choose.  On that note, it was very easy to program and set up, and I tested it on Lean Find, which I now understand!  Thank you also for the pre-install technical support which guided me on testing a CHT probe and other options should I want to add them in the future. You were very responsive and easy to communicate with.

Thank you.

Tampa, FL

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