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EDM 930: Must See It To Believe It

Posted: May 02, 2013 by Craig Peyton
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Dear JPI,

I recently installed an EDM 930 in my Beechcraft Sundowner.  It is one of the best things I’ve done. The peace of mind, the improved situational awareness, and vastly improved engine performance make this purchase worth every penny.

While most other pilots only guess at their fuel quantity (seldom fully trusting their old electro-mechanical gauges), I know that my readings are accurately calibrated to a fraction of a gallon, with the EDM even calculating time to empty at my current consumption.

I bought the 930 because of one instance during a night training lesson:  I completely overlooked an Oil Temp gauge that had gone solid redline.  Had this been a real engine problem instead of the mechanical gauge failure it was, I may have died that night.  The EDM constantly monitors over a dozen important and critical functions, flashing “ALERT” automatically if any of them go out of range.  I fly with much more security now.

My plug fouling and higher-than-expected gas consumption is now a thing of the past.  And the display is beyond belief- truly something that you have to see to appreciate.  The day I went to pick up my Sundowner, 4 experienced pilots with aircraft that would put most any plane to shame werecraning  their necks and clambering into my cockpit to see the clarity and readability of ‘the new kid on the block’. Yes, it really is that good.
My family flies with me regularly.  I got the EDM 930 for my situational awareness, and for them.

Henry, N23830

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