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What is TSO, or Technical Standard Order?

Posted: March 06, 2013 by Craig Peyton
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Technical Standard Order:
All of JPI’s instruments are TSO’d giving you the highest quality the FAA can approve. PMA being the lowest FAA approval rating.
What does FAA ISO (Technical Standard Order) Mean to you? It is an instrument that is Airworthy and will not degrade other instruments. It has passed (not just meets) 25 sections of DO-160 Environmental standards and DO-178 Software Requirements. In today’s world of software controlled instrumentation the FAA requires the software to conform to DO 178. An instrument can not be primary without having the software conform to DO 178. JPI has been approved for primary level C software. Smaller companies can not afford the testing required by TSO. It took JPI 2 years and several hundred thousand dollars to achieve FAA TSO. With that kind of testing JPI has increased its warranty to 3 years. To
get things straight a ISO represent the Quality and Airworthiness of an instrument. An FAA field approval is required to install a TSO only instrument. The STC is specify to each aircraft and spells out how to install the instrument

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