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The JPI Story

Posted: January 02, 2013 by Craig Peyton
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J.P.Instruments founder, Joseph Polizzotto, started his career in the 1960’s at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford Connecticut.

After gaining experience in thermocouple technology he designed his first Scanner™ in 1979, for his Cessna 172.

Many improvements were made with the help of his Uncle, Joe Giannelli, and his current partner Larry Elbert, including auto scan.

Several prototypes were built for friends, creating a buzz in the pilot community, and demonstrating a need for this type of flight information. JPI took up its first office in Santa Ana, California, and was born as a corporation.

While the “Classic Scanner” ™ paid the bills and kept the company on its feet, the legendary EDM 700 was in development.

The EDM-700™ series, originated as an concept, while in the car on the way to Hollywood Florida, just before the “Sun n’ Fun” air show. It took several years of R+D and customer feedback to work out how the EDM 700 was going to record and display the engine data.

JPI has been a leader teaching pilots precise engine control, and LOP operations.

J.P. Instruments has continued to build on the success of the EDM’s line, with reliable and cost effective aircraft instrumentation including, engine data management systems, fuel flow gauges, and GPS moving maps, and glass panel 930, and new 730/830 EDM’s. Pilots and mechanics alike have come to know JPI for its high quality, good service, and utmost reliability.

Nothing else compares to the accuracy and quick response of J.P.I. Systems. We offer the highest quality aviation instruments on the market, and look forward to serving you.

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